Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review KR multicase

So here follows a short and badly writen review of KR multicase:


It was clear after last game my current way of getting figures to and fro the game was extemly ilconsived. Not ever having to walk around with figures it had never been a problem before.

I needed a way to store and ring figures. So it was multicase for me.

I orderd the case on Monday the 10th, I got a reply saying it was gonna be shipped on Thursday, and it was, what I did not get into my head was that it was shipped with fedex, so it actualy showed the next day on friday, but I wasn't home, I needed to order a new drop of and didn't get that untill Monday, so I got in on Thirsday, so 8 days after I orderd it was here with free shipping to boot, thats right, free fedex shipping. I would have gotten it on friday just 5 days after I orderd it if I had been home.

It wasn't cheap £130 for my triple case, but when you get as good a service as I did it does lessen the sting of the price, it really sucks when you spend lots of money and get terrable service, but these people did everything right, answerd mails in minutes, shipped free fedex, It was a very good experience to buy from them.

The triple case I orderd has room for quite a good number of figures, the foam options I choose was 6 infantry foams, these will let me have 18 bases of 6 figures pr. foam board, so thats a maximum 108 28mm infantry pr. foam board, times 6, thats 624 figures max, I also have 3 foams for individual figures, for skirmish figures, so I can ontop of my 624 massed figures I can have 75 skirmish figures to. And lastly I have 3 big deep foams for cav and artillery. Sadly cav takes up alot of space, I can only bring with me 54 cav. This means I'll probably buy another smaller case just for arillery and cav, and use that case for that, that will mean I can add sevral more of the infantry foams bringing the total up to mabye 8-900 figures of infanty.

Ofcourse thats HEAVY I ogt lots of plastics, but metal is a pain, I hope the quality of the case is such that it can take the weight.

So here is the pictures

Because of command bases I will probebly not be able to get the full 108 figurs pr. foam board. Also I noticed that if I use 4x45mm bases they just fit, bearly, but I got sevral bases that are 50x50mm, and they are simply to big. Anoying yes.

As you see it's quite a deep case, there is 3-4 layers of foam there

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Jay said...

Fine looking troop carrier.