Friday, October 21, 2011

Damn you Zombies!!!

So I got a came comming up in 9 days, I NEED to finish 6 more dragoon guards, but those damn zombie games got me hooked.

Since Monday I've played 15 hours of Dead Island and 15 hours of Left 4 Dead 2.

Thats 30 hours in less then 5 days.

Most of people will know about Left 4 Dead, it's a zombie game that uses the same game engien as Half Life 2, It's a bloody game, the concept of the game is to get 4 surivers of a zombie apocalypes to safey. But there are sevral thousand zombies in the way. It's a simple game, you got either a melee weapon or handguns, the handguns got infinate ammo. You can also pick up bigger guns like shotguns, SMGs and rifles. These guns got limited ammo, and should only be used when the shit hits the fan, you know when 200 zombies come at you. You mow them down. The resault is bloody mess, brains, arms, legs, heads and guts everwere. There are also sevral types of special enemies that are more dangures.

A campaign is 3 to 5 levels, I usualy kill 150-300 zombies pr. level and close to 1000 during a campaign that lasts about an hour. You can play with up to 3 other people.

It's a very simple game but very fun, and adictive, you can also go online and play a standard team battle game, were one side is zombies the other is people.

Dead Island on the other hand is not a simple game, the concept is actualy very uniqe and fun, You are one of 4 people on an island resaort that for some reason has a plauge of zombies. You are one of 4 that for some reason is imune to the zombies. So natuarly you get all the dirty jobs of saving people.

The game isn't so much a zombie killing game as a roleplaying zombie killing game. You choose from 4 diffrent characters, one is a blunt mele specialist, another is blade specialist a third is throwing specialist and the forth is a a gun specialist. Two men two women. You can play alone or with up to 3 other pople each taking one of these characters. I have two games going, one with a friend of mine, were I play the gun chick, and another were I play alone were I'm a knife chick

As the game starts it's obvious that you are one of the few imune to the plauge, so to help other people you go out into the beutifull but dangures resort, Your weapons? What ever you find, at first all you got is rowing paddles and broom sticks. As the game goes on you get brass knukles, mace, swords ect. All weapons can be upgraded, Making them more deadly you can even mod the weapons, by finding random shit around, like batteries, wieres, nails ect, you can mod your weapons, one of the first effective mods is very simple, it's called nail mod, you need a piece of wood, a bat is the best, but any thick wood workds, you simple hammer inn nails into the top of the bat, and wola, you got a nail mod bat. But it can get much more effective then that, putting electicity on metal weapons is very effecive. You can also make molevtovs with booze you finde around the resort, or make deo bombs ect.

But weapons get worn the first weapons you find like the paddle gets broken almsot right away, the better the quality the longer they last, you can ofcourse fix the weapons on the work bench were up yougrade and mod them, but to fix them cost money. the really good weapons cost a fortune to fix if they get broken. the weapons follow Roleplaying standards, white weapons are cheap and commen, green is better, blue is better still, purple is epic and orange is legenadry.

So when you start your imidiate job is to get the survivors to the life guard HQ, so you wander out into the resort and meet zombies, the zombies are quite nasty half rotten things, at the resort most of them are in badeing suits or tropical outfits, The damage system on the zombies are quite intricate, you can break bones on limbs leaving them defenceless, with cutting weapons arms can be cut right of, but that only means they zombies will try and bite you.
So you bash the zombies, get the suriviors to the lifeguard HQ and from there you get many many quest, all over the island people are in trouble and need your help, rewards can be cash, weapons, mods and always Experience Points.

You level up, each skill tree is uniqe to the character you play, gun chick has ofcourse lots of gun realated skills. You also have one uber skill, that lets you take down hordes of enemies with ease, for the gun chick it's pulling out a revolver that does tones of damage and can be used to take down a dozen lesser zombies. But this skill can only be used when a meter is full up, and the only way to get it up full is to kill, you guessed it zombies. So it's a skill you should only use when it really is getting bad, If you got 12 zombies comming at you, that would be the time to use it, it's a waste on anything less then 6 zombies. Part of you skill tree is to make the meter go up faster so you can use you skill sooner, also you can make it last longer and do more damange.

Like all RPGs you have a main quest/story and many minor quest, the minor quest are important to get lots of XP and nice uniqe items. The quest can be as simple as to get booze to make molotov, or as stupid as finding a womans teddybear becasue she can sleep with out it.

There are 2 standard types of zombies, infected and walkers. infected are fast runners and agile, walkers are your standard garden veriaty zombie, slow walkers. With bad or worn weapons it can take quite a few blows or cuts to take them down, if you get a nice weapon, a single blow can be enough, but zombies go up in level like you, and if you use a level 5 weapon against level 15 zombies you are in trouble, so you always have to be on the lookout for new things to hit them with.

There is also a third semi commen zombie, called thug, these are a lot harder to take down, and a couple of punches from them is enough to kill you. So the best way to take them down is to cut of or break the arms, they can still bite but are far less dangures.

So you do lots of diffrent quest gain level get new weapons, explore ect.
You then get to move to a new area, some distance from the resort is a bad city, that was a slum before the zombie apocalype. It's even worse now, with a mix of new and tougher enemies, gangsters with guns ect. Again you help people, this time people at a garage and a church.

Thats as far as I've gotten, after 10 hours with the first character I've only done about 35% of the main quest.

The graphics are nice and GRAPHIC, arms and legs go like crazy, heads get crushed under your stilatoheels. And yes if you happen to be a bastard, you can cut and mutilate the bodies when they are dead. If you like that sort of thing.

It's as close to a simulator to see if you can surivce the zombie apoacalype as you can get.
It's a very fun game, I was also suprised by how good the guns are in the game, this is by now means a shoot em up, but the guns got a nice feel and good sounds, normaly guns never work in RPGs, like in Bloodlines, the guns were kinda off, But here they are very fun, I love to get into a gun battle with some punks.

So this is why I problebly won't post new stuff on this blog for a few more days, but I have to do those 6 royal horse guards done by next sunday.

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mekelnborg said...

That sounds like fun but time consuming. Maybe you can bring unpainted RHG and explain you were fighting the Zombies.When you explain, pretty soon your wargame recruit will say, let's go shoot Zombies.