Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And now for somthing completly diffrent

So I've been in a painting slump, and needed to do something new, I have been thinknig of doing roman stuff for quite a while, mostly in 10 or 6mm, but in the end, I went for 28mm. I wanted do it it cheap, so I bought plastics, but there are no plastics for the romans I want, Warlord only makes high imperial romans, which basicly only fought half naked gauls and germans.
While I have nothing against Asterix and Obelix, I want propper war against propper solid enemy armies. My perticular intrest lies mostly at the Punic Wars, but also with a side intrest in conquest of Hellenic Greece.

On a whim I bought the warlord plastics, they atleast let me paint some romans.
The figures are actualy very nice, while the warlord pike and shot and napoleonics are some times not that great, these romans are really good, infact I had a hard time finding metal of republican romans that mesured up to these plastics.

I was planing on just going with the imperial romans, but I found some fanastic looking republican romans from aventine miniatures, so my now cheap plastic project, became a expencive metal project.

Anyway here are the first plastic imperial romans, what the hell I'm gonna do with them I do not know, they aren't good enough to sell, so I'm kinda stuck with them.

While not good enough to sell, they are perfectly fine, a decent first attempt, concidering it's not only my first romans, but my first ancients, it was also my first attempt at using waterslides. that was probebly the trickest part.

While the figures are very nice. The flesh part was a little, a little unintresting, the face is very nice, lots of detail and easy to make look fine. But the legs and arms, really have no detail, there are no mussles to highlight, they are kinda just plastic legs., but then again the shield kinda hides them. Infact the shields kinda hide everything.

They look good, not great but good. But what the hell I'm I supose to do with them, I got 35 more to paint.


Gonsalvo said...

I see what you mean about the arms/legs.... but really, they look perfectly fine as wargames figures - better than fine, actually.

Paul´s Bods said...

They look fine..what to do with the other 35? paint them up and make a unit..then an ala of cavalry, a couple of scorpians, command, archers...and...:-D