Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well the first base is done, it did take quite a while, since I'm playing skyrim, so I play some hours of skyrim, then sit down and watch house while painting.

So I must say I like these even more now that I've painted them, they are still more raw then AB, but they got ALOT of detial, even the cufs are actualy modeled, making them easier to paint then AB cufs.

The only thing thats kinda iffy is the straps, they are a little thin and a little badly modeled, but it's no big deal. They paint up very well, VERY well. Good poses, good faces.

Don't mind the redcoated giants in the back,

I used 3 color system for the trousers and jackets and I think they look very good.

Quite fankly at this pice, I will have a hard time going back to AB, I might have to buy AB for cav since it will probebly take some time before BM comes out with them.

I think this wil lbe a very good looking unit when done.


Jay said...

Your troops are finely painted. Great job.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Excellent job. Nice figures and a great paint job.