Saturday, November 26, 2011

Romans Go home

So I'm working on how my Republican army will be.

I've decided that each Legion will be a "division" in the HC rules.
I've also decided that I'm going to deivde each line into two units. So the hasatiei are 2 units, follwoed by 2 princepei, and 1 triarii, and two Velites so each unit is about 600 soldiers in each unit.

So each Legion will be 7 20 figure units, 140 figue legions.

I'm thinking 2 legions. 1 allied division, and two small cav divisions, 280 roman infantry, some 100+ allies, and I'm thiknig 36-54 cav. Thats 434, quite alot in other words. With width of my table should work, but with my infantry in 3 lines, I really need 6 deep table and not 4, or at the very least 5.

Then we got the evil Carthegeians, I havn't studied their standard if there is a standard deployment. but my units will be bigger, my romans are 20, Hannibals forces will be 40 or large units, so I'm thinking fewer of the large unit to make it up, but i have to study some OOBs, what since HC wants ATLEAST 4 units pr, division, I'm thinking just 3 divisions, but then I have a problem with the cav.
One option is two divisions of African infantry, each with just 4 units, so the army will have 8 large spear infantry units, then another allied or mercanary division, and finnaly two cav divisions on the flank.

Thats all I got for new.

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