Monday, November 28, 2011

What has the romans ever done for us

Besides the aquvaducts, law and order, sanitation, oh and cool armor and wargaming possibilities.

So at first I was quite happy with these, but then I saw these and now I feel really bad about my figures, especaly the metal armor on those look fantastic, I want my armor to look like that.

So anyway these are a little simple, spesificaly the command, the trimpet thingy is just painted brass, no detail, and the wolf fur, is also to simple, next time I'll spend more time on them, but this is kinda a test unit, and not part of the project, I'll probebly spend more time on the republicans, that are part of my project.

Still not sure what to do with these figures,


Jay said...

Your troops look great (to me). I believe the "how-nice-is-the-paint-job" is relative to what the painter, or viewer enjoys (I'm eclectic and enjoy a broad spectrum of paint styles and schemes). I'd be proud to field your Romans on the battlefield.

Beccas said...

Great looking figures Gunfreak. Well done.