Wednesday, December 28, 2011

135 28mm in 25 days

Ok, this is quite impressive some time ago I did do 1000ish 6mm in like a week, but I think this is cooler, 135 Ancient 28mm, in 25 days, and thats with a week of not painting at all, so I guess you could say 135 28mm ancients in about 18 days. I have no gotten enough figures to do a small photo shoot.

First up the first of two bases of Celt iberians, this is a massive base of 20 figures, they got lots of character, lots of diffrent shields, two diffrent types of spears, swords and axes. So a real ragtag unit, some of the warriors got mail, some got this really cool leather/bronze thing were they got a chest peice made of leather with a kinda boss of bronze ontop of that.
Sevral are totaly unarmord, so this unit will be medium infantry.

And now the photoshoot

The romans move towards the carthaganians

Even tho the carthaganains only got one finished units, and two half inished units, they got basicaly the same number of soldiers.

The carthaganians got 65 figures, 45 vetrans and 20 iberians.

The romans got 70 figures, 60 close order infantry, 8 skrimishes and 2 generals.

So whats next, I'm going to finish the iberians, then finish the half done carthaganians, that will bring my carthaganain side up to 100, I'll then go at that romans, and finish the legion, thats one unit of hastati and one of principes. That will bring the romans up to 110.

By that time or long before I'll get another shipment from Aventine, this will include a latin allied legion, and 2 big units of Phalangite and two smaller units of Thureophoroi. two small units of roman cav, and one unit of phyrric cav. So basicly for this very unhisotric game, carthage and Pyrrhus is allied, so I get 3 carthaganains in a division with the iberians, and one division with the greeks, with two Phalangite and two thureophoroi and the cav.

The romans get their own legion with cav, and the allied legion. When I get this done if I ever did get this done I can have a game.

This is for my very very unhistoric battle, basicly the battl

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Nice one, your a painting machine!!!!