Monday, December 26, 2011

300 post and some wips

So this is my 300th post on this blog, yay for me, it would have been cool to have like a big thing to show, like a finished roman legion or something, but I don't.
SW TOR took up like a week of my time, just gaming and gaming it, nothing els, but I reached the point and got bored with it at level 21, that leaves 29 levels left to do before I reach the max on the game, so I doubt I'll ever get there. Right now I just want to paint again.

So another base of 15 carthaganians, or half a unit, I finished the 15 figures in a day, but then spent a week finishing the shields and getting them based.

This is basicaly a unit and half, so it's not a unit, I just felt those 15 looked so alone, I wanted them to be with friends.

But you've seen my carthagainans, they aren't going to change much, so here is something new,

Some Spanish/celt iberians, as you see I went with a green theme on this, I didn't want to do them totaly uniform, so they got diffrent shades of green, well two diffrent shades of green, some are painted with foundry russian napoleoinc green, I like this color, but it's very dark, I then did a few others in coat d'arms russian green which is alot lighter yet still a dark rich green, I did the same with the shields but mixed up a little and did one shield blue, and two shields wood, and added a 3rd type of green, namely olive, so the shields are in 3 diffrent greens, with brown and blue added.

I was a little unsure about these figures, some of the poses looked really wiered, like most of the figures in mail, had this verry odd "chicken dance" pose, basicly he had pulled up both arms like chicken wings, I did not get this pose, it looked very odd to me, not like a fighting pose at all, only when I added the shields did I understand, with out shields, they look silly, with shields they looked nice.

But my biggest problem with the figures was that it was very hard to glue the weapons to the figures, they did not have a propper grip like pose on the hands, so the weapons kinda had to be glued to the side of the fist. But this only applies to one of the poses, the other poses have good grips to glue into, another part was totaly my fault, I read, " the pack comes with apropriate weapons and shields, spears not included" I thought that ment you got axes and swords, but if you wanted spears you had to buy on the side, well I got the figures, and you do get swords and axes, but not enough, less then half actualy, so I now had 20+ figures with no weapons, luckely I did rumidge through my boxes and found alot of wire spears. so it worked out.

As I painted up these figures I was very unsure of them, they looked odd and just not that nice, but two things helped alot, 1 as mentioned the shields, it really makes the figures much better, 2 hair, the last thing I painted was their hair, and damn that was a big diffrence, the figures came to life when the hair was painted.

So these turned out much better then i thought while I was painting them. all the things I thought was wrong with the figures actualy makes sense when they were finished, so they are very good figure indeed

To add to the variaty, I did the leather in diffrent shades, some have light leather, others got dark, some got both.

This is actualy just halv a base, each base needs 4 ranks, thats 20 figures pr. base, thats alot, and that was one of the reasons I did not use transfers on these, I could have gotten them, but I wanted some speed to the project, and so all my barbarians will have simple shields, mabye a little boring, but when you have to paint 40 for a single unit, 40 shield transfers takes about and hours and a half or more to do. So that is time I save. If I were doing a all barbarian force, like if these were going to be iberains fighting only romans on their own, or if they were going to be allied with gauls, then I would probebly have used shield transfers, but these are just going to be mercernaries in carthaganian service, so they can't look cooler then their bosses.


Jay said...

The troops are very nicely painted. And IMO, have a "in your face" look, and are ready to deal out some serious pain.

Beccas said...

300 posts. well done. Great figures too.