Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Carthagarian Horde

Well not a horde just yet, but 15, I can tell you painting 15 28mm figures is quite a project, When I do napoleoincs I only paint 6 at a time, so 15 is is alot. I had to paint the shields last night since the spears had to be glued to the soldiers, and that takes hours, so I did the shields last night, and painted the figures today, I started to paint at 8 in the moring and finished the painting at 6 in the evening. With only a break for an hour and a half when I went shopping for my grandma. So thats 8 and a half hours of painting, I'm not sure I can keep that gonig for a week. I wanted to paint a unit over two days, thats fine with the romans, since they are only 20 strong, but these are 30 strong, that means 15 at a time. Thats is hard work. And that was with the shields done the day before, with shelds that another hour atleast of work.

But the resualt is hard to argue with. I did these alot more conservative then my romans, basicly the only color the figures have is a few of the shields. I put the coolest shields up front, I really like the red and black one. No color on the figures, it's all white and brown, cloth is white, the hairs on the helments are white, I did think about painting the leather border on the chainmail colorfull, I was planing on each unit, having a uniqe color. But since I went all out on the romans, I guess these can be more low down. So I did the learthe border in natural leagther.

While less flashy then my romans they still look prity damn good If I can say so.

I did experience one problem tho, the bases on the figures are very very narrow, and badly balanced, so they keep falling over so I had to prop up the figures while the the glue hardend a little. This is very anoying.


Willie Anderson said...

Those look great very fast work!

Rosbif said...

Wow! You're churning them out quickly, GF! They do look very pretty, too.

Monty said...

Great job Gun! I really love these figures. Great set...I hope they kick butt on the battlefield for you! They sure look tough as nails.

I paint only in 15mm but over Xmas break, I plan to do some 28mm Gladiators. I really like the facial shadowing you have on these and the Romans. Can I ask what technique you use? My email is in my profile. Really nervous about scaling up. Thanks!

luca said...

Wow! congrats