Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's gone man, all gone

Last Saturday I got 70 figures from Aventine miniatures, today 8 days later they are all gone, not a single figure is still unpainted.
This is 60 close order infantry, 20 hastati, 20 principes and 20 Triarii, 2 generals and 8 skirmishes.

All that is left in this legion is two close order infantry, 1 hastati and 1 principes unit. That means my legion will have 110 figures. Not a lot atualy, compear that to a single brigade of austrians, that has 160 soldiers.

The "divisions" of carthagians will be bigger, I'm doing my Carthaganian infantry 3 deep instead of 2, it has no bearing on the game, they don't get any bonouses for having more figures in a unit, now the rules say the let you make 3 deep battle lines becasue some nations fought in deeper formations, 2 deep line is 6-8 deep in real like, 3 deep is 10-12 and the 4 rank phalanx and war band is 16 deep in real life. Now I have no idea if the Carthaganians fought in any deeper formation then the romans, I actualy kinda doubt it, I think they fought more or less like the romans. But it's simply for show, so it's easy to see who is who, on the table.

The carthagainians will also have alteast one division of Iberians and probebly one of gauls, those are going to be huge, since they use 4 deep warband formation, thats 40 figure units.

Anyway on to the figures, 70 of them painted in 8 days.

The skirmishes was easy to do after the other infantry, like going on vacation, first it was only 8 of them, while I paint 10 of the close order infantry, second, no armor, third no shield transfers.
I did spend some time on the cloth, a 3 layer white color, the wolf pelt was done fast and wrong, first a main color, then dry brush a lighter color over it. paint the eyes and nose and ta da, done.

Hard to hide in the underbrush with bright yellow shields.