Monday, December 5, 2011

Hastati Finished

So this is a very good looking unit, I had great fun painting it.
I also did diffrent basings I found the 45x100mm bases to shallow and wide, the figures were to spaced apart.

So I decided to use 75x75mm bases, these are very deep, infact when I use 3 deep formation I can use the same bases, it will just mean a little less room to spice up the base, also since they are 25mm less wide with formation is more compact and just looks much better.

I particularly liked to do the command figures, normaly I hate to do command, they are often bland and unintresting, and I hate to do drummer.

But these were fun, I spend quite some time on them, the one under got bronze lamellar, with white trimming, I wanted to keep the blue white theme, so the command got white trims and white on the helmets and white scabards.

But my favorite is this guy, in leather cuirass, it looks to be greek style, now I did think about doing the whole armor in white, becasue I know you can have them in all white, as I've seen greek hoploites in them, but I didn't want to go overboard, so I kept it in natural leather, with white borders,

I REALLY like him, I might have to marry him, after all romans had no problems with that, he might be my favorite single figure I've ever painted.

So this is my first HC unit, it's a rather od unit, not a full line of hastati but about five Maniple's or half line, or about 600 soldiers.


Caliban said...

Hope you don't mind acquiring a new follower to admire your Romans!

Gunfreak said...

Not at all, what what I live, for, hope you don't mind me returing the favor, after I started with ancient I have been looking for a blog or site to look at eye candy.
And your blog will do nicely.

Bluewillow said...

lovely job!!!