Monday, December 5, 2011

Principes half done

So while I'm quite satefied with these, the chinmail turned out well, but yellow?
I kinda regret buying the yellow shields, it dosn't seem very roman, red, white, purple and even blue yes, but yellow?

Granted I'm a roman noob and know little about it, I decided to give them a theme like I did with the hastati, the hastati had blue white theme, blue cloth, white shield, the officers had white trimming and stuff like that, I dicded to give these the yellow white theme, the cloth is white, the shield is yellow, and the chainmail got yellow borders and trim. I keep the feathers blue/purple as that is going to be the legion sign, all units in this legion will have those feather, if this is realistic of historic I do not know. But I'll find out sooner or later.

These Principes come with a loose arm, so you can make sevral diffrent stances, I know that romans stabbed and thrusted with the sword, so I have given the front rank a under thrust type stance, ready to move the shield to the side, and stabb low to high or center to high. the back rank has the swords in a higher possision.

I gave the shoulds yellow border to keep with the yellow theme. I also gave these more elaborate scabards then the hastati, with yellow in the center, and bronze borderd.

Another small anoyance is the yellow I used on the shields, the transfers are a slightly diffrent shade of yellow, then the yellow I used to fill out the shields since the transfer dosn't cover the whole of the shiled, I had to use my own yellow paint, to color the far edges, but it'a not the exact same yellow, so the shields look slighlty off.


Bluewillow said...

they look fine, the yellow is very striking. But personally I would of stayed with the same shield colour for the whole legion.


Gunfreak said...

Yeah, that would probebly have been the propper and best thing to do, it's a little late now, the plan was to have very destinct lines, so you could from the other end of the table see what was a hastati, principes and triarii