Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to the romans

So this was fun, in Hail Caesar, the roman cav is fielded as "small unit" thats 6 to 8 figures, I've decided on 6, for sevral reasons, 1 I can fit 6 cav on single base, When doing Napoleonics, you need to be able to have the cav in single line, but that is not a big deal with HC, as they are always in two lines, that means a single base., 2 I can do 6 in one sitting, thats very cool, it means I can finish a single unit in one day, I primed, and painted these 6 with ease today. 3 Aventine got 12 figure bargen packs, so I get two units for about £32 thats not bad.

In all my previous units I had done them uniformely, but this time I wanted to do them a little more random, the idea is that the cav was poplulated by the elite of roman sociaty, so they had more money and everything to play with, so they are more individual.

Three are painted in red, two in green and one in white with some random shields.

I think this is my best cav unit ever done, first time I've ever painted cav with shields.

I got another unit to paint, then I hope I'll get MY DAMN VIKINGS, if not then I'll go to paint a unit of greek cav, that one is reglar size so it's going to be 12 strong.


fireymonkeyboy said...

I like the metals on these, good work.

sebastosfig said...

yep, very good looking unit

Gunfreak said...

Thanks for the comments