Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thurephoroi Finished

So the unit is finished, and I thnik it looks very good. This was so easy compeard to the the phalangite, and much faster, not only were they figure for figure much faster to paint, but you only need 20 instead of 40

So I have to finish my phalangites, still need 10 of them.

As usual I loved doing the commanders

I have another Thurephoroi unit in metal to, I'm thinknig it's going to have a red theme, I'm thinknig red with white cape.

I've now painted alot og greek, some spanish and Carthaganians, Time to paint some Romans again, I have to finish the Phalangites, then I'm going at the Roman cav. By this time I expect my Vikings to have arrived so I'm probebly going to paint those.


Caliban said...

Very nice! Your rate of production leaves the rest of us behind...

sebastosfig said...

Both good-looking and impressive production-wise. I like to see your work.