Friday, January 13, 2012

Phalangite WIP 3

3/4 done, again I went over board with the command figures, I did one in a blue theme, with blue cape, blue checkerborad pattern on the armor and blue helment, the other in a red theme, red cape, red checkerboard and red helment.

I've come to the conclution that I LOVE capes, when doing napoleonics I never got to do capes except for a few generals. But when doing Anceints I get to do lots of them, I love them for sevral reasons, one they looks fucking awesome, 2 they are so easy to paint, lots of flowing folds ect. 3 fast to paint, very few things of figures have stuch a high ratio of ease, speed to coolness.

So I got 10 more to do before this one is finished, but I'm taking a short break, they are slow slow slow to paint, the armor got lots of small details, it takes alot of time to do 10 figures, I've been up to half past midnight for 3 days now finished 10 and 10 figures.

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