Saturday, January 14, 2012


You know I'm getting tired of these complicated names, hastati, principes, phalangite, thureophoroi ect. What ever happend to line and light infantry, or even jeger or grenadier, the only name I hate from napoleonic period is voulgitureureuireujijfojeklgjkleejgklrgjeklf I can never remeber how to spell that one.

Anyway here are the thureophoroi for the longest time when painting these I wasn't sure about them, I wanted them to be bright and cool, so I did them in light green, with dark blue cape, and it just didn't look right, but as I added more color, the brown leather, the dark blue helments with white feather and hair, the white shields with blue borders, I think they look very nice.

Still I have no idea if my colors are totaly wack and completly unrealtisc, basicly someone said medetarantin people liked color, so I did a lot of color, but light green just dosn't seem that military, dark green ofcourse is, even purple is more military then light green, light green is somethnig ladies have on when they go to the oscars.

Also there is the idea that these were "lesser" soldier, while not as "lesser" as true skrimishes, they were still lower on the paygrade then hoploites and phalangites so mabye they had simpler colors, mabye they didn't get the expence of colored cloth, but had to use natural color, but on the other hand the helments are quite ordinate so mabye they weren't that low payed.

These were alot quicker to paint then phalangite, I started about 2 hours later then normal and finished about an hour earlier.


RazorOne223 said...

Looking good, I like these guys...



James said...

I was thinking with your last post that with those bright colors well contrasted that's exactly how they would've looked ...or at least the Greeks for sure.