Monday, January 23, 2012

Vikings, vikings, vikings

So I finnaly got my vikings, I was supose to get them on saturday, but the evil post office didn't have the package even tho they said they would.

Picked it up today, primed and glued 10 of them togeather.

I was very happy with the result untill I got to the shileds, the transfers is a little to small for the shields, really to small for just hadding a border to the shield would help, as you see from the picutes, I tried to fill out some of the shields with bad results. on a few others were filling out the shield didn't seem very doable, and the result was even worse, and the problem is that becasue the shields is the big drawer of attention, my decent paintjob on the figures kinda go away and all you see is my fuck up with the shields.

The figures are very nice, great poses, an EXTREME amount of options to make uniqe figures, I have here 10 figures and none look the same, You got swords, one hand and two hand axes, and spears. You also get like 15 heads pr. 10 figures, you get enough swords to do like 5 figures, and enough axes to do about 8 figures, so if you absoulty hate spears you can do a whole unit with just axes and swords.,

It was also a wonerfull experience not to have to paint all that flesh, with my ancients all I did was paint flesh, arms, head, neck and legs, this time I only had a very little face since most of it is coverd by helment and beard, and hands, thats it. the rest is armor or clothes.

I did alot of diffrent color, reds, two diffrent grees, some blue some natural wool ect.

Again huge units, each is going to be 40+ strong, I got enough figures for 3 units and then some.

So good paint job up to the shields, then it went horribly wrong.

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