Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Vikings part Deux

Finished the base, 20 hardcore mofo vikings, the base is really crowded, getting four propper lines was impossbile, but that only gives a more mob like aperance, and while vikings didn't actualy fight in mobs it does look good.

I've almost gotten over the shield thing, they still kinda look off, I also was informed that I overdid the shields, apreantly not every shield was cool and colorfull, most were just wood, or a single color. Had I known that I could have saved alot of money, I bought a 132 shield tranfers and they cost almost as much as the figures, I played like £45 for the transfers, I could probebly have gotten away with just some 30 transfers instead of 132.
Well atleast I got lots of them now, and don't need to buy more of them for atleast 300 more figures.

I did alot of spears in the 3rd rank, the idea is that they can back up the sword and axe people,

Then I did mostly axe in the 4th line

And here are a few little known facts about vikings.

1. Female Vikings looked remacably like male vikings, this is becasue if the beard.

2. Vikings loved Techno music

3. Vikings were the first europeans to reach the moon,

4. The reason it's rare to find vikings swords is that they mostly used lightsabers, and the lightsaber hilts hold up badly in the dirt.

5. Vikings fought for the light side, the Normans were vikings that were currupted by the dark side and became Sith,

6. Vikings only slept 3 hours a day.

7. Vikings are classifed as Cheese acording to Taxonomy


TamsinP said...

"1. Female Vikings looked remacably like male vikings, this is becasue if the beard."

I thought that was dwarves? Well, you learn something new every day! ;)

Regarding what weapons would be used by what ranks in a shield wall, front rank would be mostly swords and axes; the 2nd rank mainly spears, although some with swords/axes ready to take their place in the front rank, rear ranks would be spears

Gunfreak said...

Well tolkin was greatly inspired by norse myth and culture, so naturaly he used viking women as a bases for dwarf women.