Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Back!!

About 11 days ago my computer died, a thingy called heastsink retention bracket broke of, it's the plastic thing that you attach the the cpu fan to. With out it, you can't get the fan on the cpu and the cpu get to hot and the computer won't start.

This is the kind of insignafigant plastic thingy you just don't get everywere, I did find some on ebay and orderd them, but it could take like 3 weeks to get them, and quite fankly if I didn't get my net back before that I would go start WW3 just so there was some action in my daily life.

So today I went hunting for my plastic thingy, after an hour of treking throught the city I got one. they don't sell the thing, so there store I went to had to go hunting them self for broken motherboards that had them. I got one for free, and fixed my computer. Just in time, I was starting to halusinate out of boredom.

Anyway I did get alot of painting done, infact I have reactivated one of my many long dead projects.

What you ask? Well 28mm AWI project, this was actualy my second project EVER, after doing 15mm Napoleonics I got some 28mm AWI, but back then my painting was horrible, so I gave up, those perry figure are hard to paint. But I still have lots of packs laying around, so I starte to go through them, turned out I got like 45 hessen musketeers, but no hessen command, kinda anoying, I also for some reason had 30 hessen jegers, tho my project only needed 4, I have no idea what I'm going to do with the other 26. But I did find out I had enough figures for two brigades, one british and american, the first brigade became stevens virgina milita brigade, the second will become Websters british brigade.

First up is the 33rd from the later brigade, so far the only unit done for this brigade.

It's a small 16 figure regiment

I think they look pretty good, the face got alot of detail, the coat got 3 shades, the white got 3 shades, even the straps got 2 shades. I think I found the perfect white color mix, I start with a color called elven grey, it's a very light grey, then a main color of austrian white shade, and finnaly austrian white light for highlights. It's kinda hard to see on these figures, but later when you see the milita you will understand what I mean.

Then we go over to the americans, stevens brigade concists of 2 milita regiments, a a couple of companies of virgina rifles, and a very small regiment of horse.

I really like the natural color of the brownish hunting shirts, I did have in those natural brown, and the other half in natural white.

Then we got the milita, they are typical southern milita, shirt sleves, with some vests.

Here you can see what I mean with the white, the shirts got like the perfect shade and highlight, looks particualry on the standard barer, how natural the shirt looks. I'm very happy with the resault.

I did all the shirts in white, the breches, were in white, grey, natural brown and dark brown.

It's prety concervative colors, mabye a little to drab, but after all they are southerners, not some New York hippes. The officer got a nice yellow sash tho. just to make him stand out.

The other commander in the other regiment got a red sash.

Really the only other color was that light blue neck tie on this guy

Again I think the white look really good on these loose sitting flowing shirts.

The only down side of the whole brigade are these cavalry troopers, I had to strip the paint and remove the old paint job, which was terrible, but it was hard to get rid of all the paint, so some parts lost some of it's detail. So they don't look as good as the infantry, but still better then the old paint job.

And now steven him self, same hunting shirt color as some of the riflemen, I think he looks great, best command figure I've ever done.

And finnaly the whole brigade, it's actualy very small, only 45 figures, that basicly a single regiment of austrian napoleonic soldiers, or just 5 figures more then my pike block of phalangites. But some how it looks like more, they are kinda spred out, cover more terretory, so it looks like there is more figures then there actualy is.

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afilter said...

welcome back...CPU can be frustrating. To error is human, but to totally screw something up takes a computer.

Figures look excellent. Hoping to branch out into AWI when I return from deployment, possibley 10mm.