Sunday, February 12, 2012

Union v. 2.0

I think I've found the right blue now, it's still a little light, but going darker would mean loosing to much detail, infact some detail has allready been lost with this shade, but not to much.
Most importantly there is now a clear diffrence from jacket to trousers.

Tomorrow I'll go at the rebs, trying to find the right gray.

The detial on the folds on the arms are very nice I think,

One thing i've notised is just how natural the figures are, there is always the lure to figure makers to do lots and lots of folds, becasue folds are easy to get to look good, it's much harder blending shades when there are no folds, yet these figures do not have an excess of fold, only on the bent arms do we see any amount of folds, as it should be. And even those folds are no way excessive.


Andrew (Loki) said...

Rebs, should not be a problem there was no established colour grey, they also look very nice in different shades and you can use butternut (ochre yellow) if you are doing later war Rebs to add even more variety. I like the Union colour scheme you have chosen.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Nice work on that unit