Monday, February 6, 2012

See you in hell johnny reb

Well if they are in hell, then hell has frozen over, as it's snowing like crazy out there.

So finished another unit, this time reb, these were alot harder to paint for sevral reasons

1. The poses, some of the poses, spesificaly one type, had a lot of flash I could not get rid of, they were also partly miss cast, so I had to put all those poses in the back.

2. Those damn blanket rolls, they made it kinda hard paint.

3. the colors, I spent 15 minutes to find the propper highlight for my tan earth/butternut, with my union, I knew exactly which colors to use to highlight, but I had never highlighted my tan earth, so I spend alot of time going through my paints.

I did half in all gray, a quarter with gray jackets with butternut trousers, and another quarter in gray trousers with butternut jackets, I also did two random figures in brown trousers, and the commander got sky blue trousers just to help him stand out.

The blankets just got lots of diffrent colors, red, green, but mostly brown.

Hats are also mostly brown, with some gray and lighter shades.

I might have over did the butternut, I might do more gray next time.

I also did a couple of snake fences.

Rebs talking into the barrles of the yankies.

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Jay said...

These tiny troops are outfitted finely for the march into battle. And the fences are really nice.