Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to painting muskets

So I havn't painted muskets in months now.

So what am I painting, I'm painting 10mm ACW, I have like 150 of these figures from pendraken, but never got around to painting them, this is like my 27th attempt at at doing ACW, but this time I have a plan, so hopefully it will work out.

I decided to do these in a prety standard basing style that will work with a myriad of rules, Spesificaly fire and fury but also others.

I did these prety simple, I did do a to color system tho, both the trousers and the jackets have highlights, the jacket are painted french blue shade, with french blue highlights, the trousers are light blue with bravarian blue highlights. I also decided to do all my black leather actualy in dark gray, I think it works well, as actual black would just not be notisable.

The poses are very dynamic, and there are sevral poses, they come 30 figures to a bag which work out well.

The fence is just a little to big for 10mm.


War Minister Crittumbo said...

They look good!

MiniMike said...

They look good indeed. Look forward how this plan develops.

Jay said...

Nicely painted 10mm.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Very nice. 10mm is a tempting scale and I must admit that if I ever try ACW it would be my scale of choice. Great paint job!