Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finished Battery

So this is a two model battery, representing 4 real guns, which is the standard number of rebel guns. This works for like a bazlilion rules, Guns at gettysburg, Black powder, and ofcourse fire and fury.
Hoods division had like 4 batteries I think.
It's kinda anoying, the evil rebs have divisional artillery park, but the evil yankies only got corps artillery park, I guess my union division could have attached artillery.
Also there is a big diffrence in the size of these formations, So basicly Hoods division has 18 regiments and 4 batteries, the union 1st division/5th Corps only got 12 regiments and no artillery. Even if you give the 20th Maine ungoodly powers like close air suport and a couple of miniguns it's still a big diffrence,

All in all a good looking battery.


Beccas said...

Great work Gunfreak

Steven said...

Fear not, Gunfreak. While the Confederate Army was ahead of itself with Division Artillery, the Union Army would routinely assign its Corps Artillery batteries to Divisions / Brigades where they were needed most. At least that's how it was supposed to work.