Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reb artilery and hood's texans.

Well not really, these are chinese hud's texuns, not the real thing. most of you will see that these are actualy iron brigade figures, that I painted as hoods texans, as I gather, both used the frock coat, but the hardee hats and leggings kinda give them away.

I tried to hide the hardee hats by painting them grey and brown.

I did the leggings in butternut.

And I finished the base of the artillery.

I think this gun and crew looks very good.
Here "hood's texans" defend the gun

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Monty said...

These look great! Its funny how in armies of Blue and Grey, little bits of color pop, like the red caps, cuffs and piping on your cannon crew.

ACW is something I'd like to paint and game one day. Tempting and keep up the good work!