Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finished Ronin and Sanada WIP

So I finished my ronin, a nice looking unit, nothing that good about it, but ok.

This would be about 600 ronin,

I like this red dude,

I'm now also almost done with my Takeda Shingen force, I only need to finish the ashigaru unit and General/bodyguard, this will be the forces under the direct command of Shingen, it will be about 4600 Troops.
The next "division" is that of Sanada Yukitaka, It will be somewhat smaller, it will have a big unit of 1800 shigaru, a smaler unit of ashigaru, one unit of samurai, one unit of teppo armed ashigaru and one with bows., in other words very close to the one under Shingen exept for the cav, As Shingen will have about 600 mounted samurai.
The first unit I'm making is the teppo armed ashigaru, this will be a standard smalish unit of 16 figures or 600 ashigaru, It was nice getting to paint a diffrent banner, tho this banner is also kinda hard to paint, even tho it sounds simple, just 6 black dots on a red banner, but getting the dots to be right is not easy.

This is my forces so far. This would be 4800 soldiers.

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Willie Anderson said...

Those are fantastic great detail on those figures you will go blind!!!!