Saturday, March 17, 2012

Giant Ashigaru

So I got some Perry ashigaru, I got a little bored with just painting the 15mm versions, I wanted to get a little more detail.

So these might be a little colorfull to be ashigaru, the armor is a little alaborate

I did these mostly for painting, but I did decided to just base them for killer katanas 2, with one modification, instead of 4 figures pr base I did with just 2 pr. base Basicly halfing the price of a unit. That does mean units are a little small, small units are just 8 figures, while mediums are 12

I gave them light blue lacings, with a mix of red laqard and black laqard armor.

The cloth under the armor is one of three colors, grey, green or brown. I only did 2 layers on these, since there is so little cloth showing, I don't think they need anymore then 2.

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