Thursday, March 8, 2012

First base of first battalion of Simbirsk regiment

So started on my second box of Warlord russian, these are the post 1812 kiwers

So I've decided that one brigade will have the old 1809 shakoes while one will have 1812 kiwers.
One anoying thing about these are that you don't have any figures left over, which means you can't make jeagers, since two of the figures are metal standard barers, and the jegers don't use them. So I gave to wait for the perry plastics to see how it goes.


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Do you never 'not' have a paintbrush in your hand? ... Do you not sleep?...... Man, I can't keep up with you! Lovely paint jobs as always!

Gunfreak said...

I actualy get a good 12+ hours of sleep every day, I even don't paint that instensly, I paint one base, so between 6 and 10 figres at a time, and usualy spend the evinig painting a little, playing games, and watching tv, and eating and pooping ect.

It's actualy quite easy,the true secret is to actualy paint everyday or almost every day and finish the base that you have started.

paulalba said...

Really sweet GF,
You have nailed the flesh tones,
Cool Russians, give us more!!!

Beccas said...

Really impressive. I like your work gunfreak.