Friday, March 9, 2012

Reb Artillery

So I found a bunch of metal 28mm ACW figures, I don't know how, but they had been hiding in my mail "inbox" were I put my bills.
Amog them was some artillery crew, which made my very happy becasue I've had this blister og guns laying around wondering were my gunners were.

I normaly suck at painting artillery, some how I never get the guns to be right, and I never put my full effort into the gunners, they are kinda an after thought. I love to paint infantry, but never liked to paint command/cavalry/artillery I've started to come around, I now put more effort into the artillery and command, but still not enough on my cav.

So this is my best gun ever, not only are the gunners paintet to the same standard as my infantry, but the gun it self looks decent.

The gun and gunners are Sash and saber 25mm, probebly the most underrated metal makers in 25/28mm out there. When people think of Sash and saber they often cheap yet good 40mm ranges. desgined for big battles and not just skirmish gaming But their 25mm is not only the chepest 25mm out there at $1.45 a figure, or just over half the price of even the cheapest other makers(exept old glory)

In my opinion these are the best figurs when it comes to Value/quality.
They got very expressive faces, good details ect. I hadn't painted these in awhile and so I wesn't sure how they were going to hold up to the superb perry, but I think they did it just fine. Very clean, just the right amount of folds in the trousers and jackets. The gun is also superb, I think seval people have said S&S makes the best guns in the buissness. and I think they are right.
I think I did a good job on these, I got one more gun and crew to do, and two infantry units.


Glenn said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Perry Miniatures, but when I did my Civil War armies two years ago, their ACW line just wasn't extensive enough to stand on it's I turned to Sash and Saber augmented by Old Glory 2nd Edition. Wow! The Sash and Saber figures look great, and as you've said, the guns are awesome.

Great paint job. Your figures turned out beautifully.

Here are mine (painted by Scott MacPhee):

Gonsalvo said...

I use the Sash and Saber guns pretty much exclusively for my Napoleonic 25mm armies and they are excellent,as well as a superb value. The crew are very nice and an excellent value as well.