Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Generic ACW rebs, and a list

So the unit is done a small 18 figure unit.
I actualy think this unit looks better then my last russians, the russians ofcourse are much more complicated to paint, they simply have more stuff to paint, and you got the facings, pom poms, more straps ect. I probebly spent twice as long on 8 russians as I did on 9 rebs, the rebs are really quite easy when you got the right colors, 80% of the time, goes to the uniform, as both trousers and jacket needs 3 layers and you kinda have to concentrate when you do that. The rest is sevral smaller jobs that are kinda boring to do.

I based then single line for Fire and fury.
So over to the list, or lists.
The following list is my projects, First list is major projects, second is secondary projects and the third list is possible projects. Now this is just active projects, not any of the 200 dead or hibernating projects.
Major Projects.
1. 28mm Napoleonics This is basicly any thing after 1812, so russians, prussians, french, and british.
2. 10mm ACW, this is a rather new project, but is now one of my main ones, problebly going take up much of my time.
3. 28mm Ancients, this is Republican romans, Carthageinaisn and succesor greeks. got a little bored with them, but I hope to get back soon, I still got quite few to do.
Secondary projects.
1. 28mm ACW, again new project, started becasue I had a box of perry plastic infantry, I've allready stop my self from spending money on this project twice, but I need to save up for the 10mm ACW project
2. 15mm Napoleonics, this was my major project for a long time, but has fallen out of favour for a long time now.
3. 28mm AWI again a long term project. just kinda started up again.
4. 28mm WSS, again a project I want to do, but kinda got bored.
5. 6mm Grand Amree
6. 28mm Vikings
And finnaly projects I want to do, but for time and money I don't know when and if I can do them.
1. 28mm Early napoleonics, French in Bicorne, with early russians, and hopefully early prussians if they ever get any of them in 28mm.
This would be a major project in cost and time, I would use Victrix metal russians. And probebly brigade games french, I would love to do this project. But neither Brigade games or victrix are cheap figures, both are about £1.1+ pr. figure if you buy them in bulk. The victrix are expenvice has hell unless you buy full battalions or even brigades. Same with brigade games. on the upside, both victrix and brigadegames use the same sculpter.
2. 15mm ACW those bluemoon look great, but this would be a total over the top luxury project, as I do the period in 10 and 28mm.

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Steven said...

Your ACW rebs (amd yanks) look great! What rules do you use for ACW? Your blog has inspired me to dust off my Fire & Fury 15mm troops and make another Brigade or 2.
Excellent work!