Monday, March 5, 2012

Like kids at Christmas

So wargamers are among those people that never truly grow up, after all if we did, why would we play around with toy soldiers.

I've been slowly adding some of the foundry paint triads to my collection of paints.
You can say alot about foundry, overpriced byond reason, not all figures are the best sculpts while others are very good.

But one thing is sure, they do have wonderfull paints. And if you by them from other places then foundry them self, then the price isn't that bad.

I wanted my ACW to look better, so I orderd butter nut and rebel grey triads.
I got them before the weekend, but I needed to finish the russians, but all the time, I wanted to try out my new paints, just like kid with a new toy.

I finnaly got the russians of my painting table, and got to work with the rebs.

Technicaly the perry generic acw infantry aren't really that authentic, they were ofcourse the first major plastic 28mm, and did sell alot, they are really fantastic figures to paint, but with half in sack coats and half in shell jackets, they kinda don't fit perfectaly with union or reb. In the end it's a minor thing, when the unit is done, you can tell who is who.

So over to the paints, they are really wonderfull, as you can see the resualt is really good. when the paints are done it actualy looks like it's made of cloth.
I think these looks very good, and it's all the paints job, not me.


sebastosfig said...

Very nice indeed. Where did you buy your triads?

Gunfreak said...

Not only is the paint cheaper, but you get free shipping after £10.

So if you buy two triads you get free shipping.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Those look the business. Great work.