Saturday, March 24, 2012

New project(kinda)

After painting lots of those ungodly barabrian japanese, lets get back to good godly europeans, but not to godly as these are fron the age of reason.

I've had sevral packs of Old Glory 7YW figures laying around, I painted them last time. january 2009, or basicly a life time ago(if you happen to be a rat or other small rodent)
I recomend you take a look at that old post, it's very fun, all I did was spray paint my french with white primer, then did the facings, hats and flesh. they look quite crappy, look at them and laugh.

I have always said I can't make Old Glory 15s look good, I've always felt the sculpts to be to odd looking, but as I did have sevral hundred of them just laying around for 3 years, I thought it would't cost me anything to try, except for time, and I got plenty of that.

I started to paint them, and thought, man these are some crazy sculpts, how the hell am I gonna make them look good, but as more and more paint hit the figures, they started to kinda look ok.

My biggest suprise was the faces, the faces are really good, much better then I would have thought, infact the faces are better then your avrage AB face.
I went all out with these, painted them as I paint 28mm, faces got the same treatment as 28mm, the coat and gaiters got 3 layers of light grey/off white, even the metal got 2 layers.
I was actualy suprised by how good they look, yes the whole front thing is a little odly shaped, but the sides have lots of subtile folds to highlight ect. Also while one figure alone looks kinda off, when you get 6-12 of them togeather it just works.
I'm doing these for Maurice, so I'm half done with this unit. I want to crap alot of units on my table, so I'm doing these small scale, just 24 figures each but they only take up 10cm frontage.
I got enough figures for 5-6 french battalions, sevral french batteries, atleast two or more french horse, atleast 3 hanoverian units and alteast sevral british batteries. and at no cost to me.
So yes, suprisingly good lookig figures once done.


Vasiliy Levashov said...

Great job! I really liked the result. Looking'll wait for reports after the battles.

Steven said...

A friend told me Old Glory has different sculptors for different genres which explains the varying degree of their quality. I have many bags of their SYW troops and they look terrific (like their ACW guys). Their Vietnam range? Not so good... The WWII range is touch and go also.