Monday, March 5, 2012

Tamopol 1st battalion Finished

So it's finnaly done, well not 100% done, mabye 99.9999% done, as the flags are wrong, I have to order the correct flags, but Iwanted flags on my unit when I took the "finished" photoes, so I just took two random flags that came with the boxset.

I think this is a very good looking unit, it surpasses all my other Napoleonics, and mabye even my Ancients.

Sadly the standard did all a little with the last base, the command was kida hard to get right, mostly because to them beeing in pices, you had to glue them togeather, and the glue didn't take , so the head fell of one of the standardbarer, and when I glued it back on, after I had finished painting them, the glue coverd some of the paint and it was just a massacre, luckely both standardbarers could be hidden in the second rank.
The second problem is that I suck at free hand painting, so the drum om the drummer looks crap.

It did take a lot of work to do this, I wasn't sure I could finished it yesterday as I got a monster cold, and woke up with a mega headache, but luckely it went away and I did get to paint.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They're AWESOME! Love the mix of shakos with and without covers. Nice work.

DeanM said...

Fantastic work! You've done a great job on these. Dean

paulalba said...

GF, These are brilliant!!!

Yor doing some fine work with your brush.