Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back to Napoleonics

 This is a dark day, I was in the middle of my 30YW project. Then I got hooked on Mount and Blade Napoleonic wars, after playing the game for 24 hours over the last 5 days I could hold it no longer I HAD TO PAINT NAPOLEONICS!!

Thats was anoying becuse of the 30YW project.

This is Victrix Early War russians, the figures are fantastic, and early war russians are super cool. This is Nizhni Novgorod Regiment, i choose this simply for the cool facings, purple and yellow, sadly I have not found any traces of this regiment in any battles during the 1805-1807 period, I have not found them in any OOB, I have no idea were this regiment was during this period.

 The figures are REALLY thin, I'm talking thiese guys make perry figures looke like Marlon Brando during his later years.

I love these figures, if I rember corectly they are sculpted by Paul Hicks.

The figures got the full works, face got 3 shades, jacket 3 shades, trousers 3 shades, blankets 2 shades, metal 2 shades, musket stock and other wood 3 shades.

The figures are expencive, you basicly HAVE to buy unit or army deal to get them down to "standard" metal prices.

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