Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First ever Conversion

First ever Conversion, I'm kinda anoyed by the Warlord plastic pike and shote, you get 14 pikemen but only 6 of them have the pikes right up and down. The rest got them straight ahead or at an angle ahead.

So I tried to make a new figure out of some of the parts in the box. I took one of the pikemen that were supose to be holding the pike ahead. he Is kinda in an od possison for just having the pike straight up, but it will have to do.

I then took one of the pikes, cut of one of the arms and  hand that come atached, I then cut of the hand that hold the pike at it's but.
So now I have a pike, with one hand at the very end, I then took that hand, glued it and the pike to a musketeer arm, that I had cut of the musket and hand. I then took another musketeer arm, that had no hands, I also took a gloved hand from a second pike, cutting the pike totaly off, creating a fist.

Finnaly I glued the fist to the musketeer arm, glued both arms to the figure, and this is what I got.
He is in a kinda od possision and dosn't look completetly natural. but this is all my imagination could do with the material I have.


Jay said...

Congratulations on a fine conversion!

Shaun McTague said...


But as pike blocks are deeper than the shot wings normally, why not just create a deeper base and use the levelled pike figures.