Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Evil Baby eating godless reds.

So I'm playing this cool computer game called Men of War Condemmed Heroes.
It's about a russian unit during WW2, composed of people Stalin didn't like, espesaly officers that are out of favour, and so serve as privates and doing the most dangarues of dengarues missions.

You normaly control a few soldiers, having to fight overwhelming ods, I'm now stuck on the second mission, were I got 8 soldiers, and have to fight through a small village with 100+ germans and a dozen or more armor vehicals. You got 14 minutes to get accors the village and blow up a train before it leaves.

It's insanly hard, but you really have to think hard before doing things, a well placed Mg can take out 20 enmies easy. you can use stealth, during the night missions, you can sneak all the way up to unaware enemies before they see you.

The graphics are fantastic, you can zoom all the way to a single soldier and see the battle from his point of view.

Anyway this got me in the mood to paint WW2 figures, lukely I did have some this time, I got a few peterpig germans and russians.

So here they are.

My earlier figures were based on very small bases, but I've found I don't like small bases, some how, my value in the figures are proprosonal to the base they are based on.
I saw this with 6mm Napoleonics to, I often give up these projects with small bases, and actualy THROW the figures away.

So they are on bigger bases, 6 to a base.

I think they look prety good, I like the colors I used.

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