Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It's that time of year again, and the first propper photoshoot of my ancients.
I wasn't planing on doing one, since I'm only one unit away from doing a game anyway. and then there would be lots of pictures, but George wanted me to take some more pictures of him, he is a real diva, so I needed an excuse so, a photoshoot is a prety good excuse.

First up My Greeks, With George there in the back, he ofcourse took the spot closest to the light so he would be easy to spot, like spotting a 3 meter elephant with a tower on it's back is hard.

But there is a new unit to showcase, other then George, I finished my second pike block, so now I got all 80 done.

I just need another unit of Thureporoi and I can do a test game.
I did a quick look at the HC army lists, and tryied to calculate the Points of each side, and the romans got like 40 points more, so it will be intersting so see how wins.
And here the Greeks square of against the romans.
As soon as George saw the roman cav he charge right at them. he is a precosious little guy.

80ish pikes, in the end, there will be 120 romans vs. 132 greeks and one elephant.

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TamsinP said...

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie
Crush the Romans and make them cry!

Nice pics! :)