Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In a rut

So it has happned again. in a rut, I got so much to paint but don't really feel like it.

I got new plastic russians, metal russsians, 10mm ACW, 28mm ACW, 15mm Samurai, 28mm Samurai, 15mm 7YW, 6mm ancients and 28mm ancients.

I don't really feel like painting any of them tho I do want to get back to my Ancients.

I got two pike blocks to finish, one princpes to finish, thuroporo to finish, a bunch of carthagians, some latin allies ect.

Over the last few days or even a week now I've been playing The witcher 2, it's a fantastic game, I bought it long ago, but my computer didn't like it, so now after having bought new parts, leaving only the CPU and motherboard left of the old I got to play it on full steam, one of the best looking games made so far, the lighting the modeles fantastic looking game. It's also a great game gameplay and story wise, The combat is great, it's a mix of block and repostie and dodging.
At first you are kinda weak, then after you upgrade, you get lots of cool move, like beeing able to cut down 3-4 guys at once, able to parry an attack then attacking before they recover them self.

The world is drak and violent, the elves and dwarfs are misstreated or miss trusted, and so take to the woods to fight for their freedom, lots of small petty kindoms in the north and one huge powerfull empire to the south, there are sevral ways the game can change, you can choose to to ally with, how violent you want to be.

It's a great game, I didn't want to paint while I was playing this game, but even after I'm done, I kinda rather want to play it again diffrently then start to paint again.

But no I have to start to paint again. I. HAVE. TO. MISTER. SPOOCK.

So tomorrow I'll try and start work on my greek horse, and how I can paint them.

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Monty said...

I used to be a PC gamer and I remember The Witcher got great reviews. Then I was addicted to Rock Band for 2 years. Now I'm hooked on painting and I almost never play Rock Band or PC games. Hmm, is there a cautionary tale in here for you and me? Or are we like bees, flying from flower to flower. ;-)