Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yesss, back to ancients

So there is a few months since last time I did ancients, I had put the ones I've done in the display case.

But all the time, while painting ACW and samurai and Napoleonics I wanted to get back to ancients, I have two half done pike blocks, I'm only one unit away from finishing my roman division ect. my living room table has all this time been full of primed or glued ancient figures.
So I need to get stuff in order.

This is one of the units that have been on my living room table, I glued the spears into the hands, and then I went on to do other stuff, and they have just been laying on the table for months.

I finnaly primed then and startedt to paint them yesterday.

These are the first Tarentine cav, I need another 6 figures. I did these extremly colofull, white, greens, blues, yellows and reds.

Really these are quite the hippies.

I can just imagien them rocking out to some hippie music at woodstock.

I did the shields my self, but as I suck at free hand, the aren't that good, as a certain distance they look ok, but they don't stand up to scruiny.

I also did something diffrent with the flesh, in stead of toying around with washes and inks, I just did a classic triad. I think it works fine.

But I must complain, that one guy with a toga thing going on, dosn't have a nipple, how the hell am I supose to get aroused while painting this guy when he dosn't have a nipple, he is supose to be a greek, he is not a freaking Ken doll, I demand nipples.

Light cav next to light infantry.

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sebastosfig said...

don't be ashamed of your painting, your Tarentines look fine