Sunday, April 29, 2012

My best figures EVAH(again)

So togather with my Men at arms, I also got the box of perry plastic WOTR infantry.
I started to paint them today, had a great time doing it, with out knowing it, actualy not realisising it before I saw the pictures, these have become my best work so far.

I don't know how I did it, but some how I got this really nice silky effect on the colors, some how I got this really cool looking effect.

As you see theise are Lancasterian, the green white is awesome.

I've decided to do really small units, my ancients are all 20-40, while these will be just 12.
I did this for two reasons. 1 price, even with plastics, this is a low budget project, not one of my high piority projects, atleast not yet. 2 so I can make many forces fast, So lets say Henry the VII which these figures are, might only be like 40 figures, Same with other Lancasterian divisions.

So yes, I'm VERY happy with these.


Paul´s Bods said...

They look very good..and the colour scheme is great

Curadh said...

I must admit, it is a fantastic feeling to realize that 'hey these figs I painted are wicked good'. I'll have to try and remember to paint that way next time!

captain arjun said...

One of the archers has non-matching sleeves. :)

Shaun McTague said...


Try to think of building battles, these are like Retinues brigades,

Front rant bow, middle rank bills, back rank knights.
Or 12 bow, 6 bill and 6 foot knights.

2x60mm frontage bases, will make a nice Impetus base.

When they fight the bows start at the front, and just before combat run behind the bills and knights.

Look up the lance and longbow society, and there rules set, I remember them as being quite fun too.

Cheers Shaun

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They are quite lovely!

Phil said...

Great painting style!

Monty said...

You've been very busy with a brush and yes, the color combos and style are great on these! Very nice work.