Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blue Moon French

 I've had these for a long time, I did one base, the grenadiers, long ago, then went on to other things, and some things were forgotten that should not be forgotten, I forgot were I put them.
I accedentaly descovered them, they were coverd by dust.

So I started to paint them again, beeing kinda tired of 28mm. I do so much want to get back15mm, I do actualy prefer this scale in napoleonics over 28mm.

On the whole I prefer the look of a finished 15mm unit over 28mm.

These are actualy alot of work to paint, I use tripple shade, 3 shades of union blue on the coats, elven grey, followed austrian white shade, and highlighted with austrian white light. the muskets got three shades of wood, and two shades of metal. I still need 2 more bases.
I do have some AB British that I can paint to.
Mabye this is the start of my second incarnation of my Peninsula project. That was my very first project, some 4 years ago.


Phil said...

Looking very nice!

Nathan Woolford said...

I like them muchly. I prefer the 15mm as well (AB and warmodelling). What do you use for basing?

Gunfreak said...

I use brown sand, then standard green flock.

Some bases also gets special stuff, like mabye a small rock, or tuffs ect.

Willie Anderson said...

Look good well done!