Saturday, April 21, 2012

TYW Swedes.

So with the new pike and shot book comming out now, I thought I'd start on some figures.

For some reason I have problem getting the warlord pike and shot figures to look good.

At first I thought mabye the figures them self might be bad, but then I saw just how fantastic other people could get them to look, so it was all me not the figures. And yes they are very good, lots of detail, the faces are very good.

So this is just a generic unit for the swedish side.

One thing that is anoying with the plastic boxes are that alot of the pikemen have the pikes forward, that is kinda, well anoying. It's very hard finding room to transport these figures with pike forward, also kinda hard moving them around.

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scotty said...

Nice looking figures, totally agree on the pikes. I've had to replace some as they got broken off