Friday, April 20, 2012

Where are those pesky jerries.

So two more bases done, this could be either about 30 or over 90 soldier.

I really like the Bren Gunner on the left, I just wish all my figures turned out that good.

You got loads of equipment to add if you want, lots of ammo pouches ect. I got one really Gung-Ho chap loaded down with sevral ammo pouches, even in hard to use places, pluss a bandolere, probebly a guy that has run out of ammo before and made sure he wouldn't again..

Here's the bren gunner, looks like a killer dosn't he, probebly got knoches on the stock of the bren for every jerry he has cut in half with it.

So I got enough figures for 4 more regular bases, and one command base. That should actualy be a gameable force of Blitzkreig commander. When I'm done with HQ base, I actualy got either one rifle platoon or one rifle company.

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Jay said...

Nice job painting and basing (as usual). You can't have too much ammo!