Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Crazy Capitalists Soviets

 As you know, the Soviets were mad Liberterian Anarcho Capitalists, Basicly the were all Penn Jillette, but with uniforms, and guns.
 These are Warlord/bolt action figures, and I'm bot comtetly satesfied with these, every thing except the faces are great, but the faces are horrible, and I'm not taking the blame for it, they look crap, and it's not my fault. The faces on the Empress miniatures looks just fine, so I can paint good faces if I get the right model, but these are just odd, stange, corse faces, pointy noses, they look kinda like the faces you see street painters paint, you know the caricatures, but funny faces, this is what they look like, and it's sutch a shame as the rest of the figures are actualy very good.

 I spent alot of time on the color of the uniforms, I had to do sevral repaints untill I got a greenish/kaki/brown thingy, I use two diffrent colors, as the russians had lots of color neuanes.
So most of the uniforms are the green brown thing, while some are just plane lightish brown.


Phil said...

Great looking figures!

dhcwargamesblog said...

I know what you mean... I hated their faces as well. Rest of the minis are OK but the faces simply suck.

Dan said...

I only ever bought the bolt action fallschirmjagers, (before I decided not to do 28mm WWII) and the Fallschirmjagers are really great figures, nothing wrong with their faces.

Dan said...

Oh by the way, your figs turned out great but your right the faces look poor, must be a differant sculptor from the Fallschirmjagers.