Friday, June 1, 2012

Kaki and field grey.

 Goes togeather in perfect harmony, side by side they play togeather ect. ect. So I'm still painting WW2 stuff, I watched Enemy at the gates last night, not a very good movie, quite silly infact, but it must have some sort of record in number of headshots pr. minute or something, 90% of those killed get it in the head.
 On to the figurs, I did the command stand for the russians, the russians have a nice big flag, and I'm very happy with how the flag turned out. I did the command base on a big 50x50mm base so it stands out from the other bases(if by some chance you don't notice the huge flag)
 It's a shame about those faces, they really do ruin the overall look of the figures.
 This guy is the only figure with somewhat good face, and most of it is coverd by a bandage.

 I like this picture.

 But wait there is more, some evil baby eating næzis. These are boltaction plastic figures, and have much better faces then the russians.
 The grey might be a little to light, and not green enough, but I like the overall look.

These come with a huge amount of optional gear, you can give them light gear, onlt belts and suspenders, or glue on all the field gear, breadbags, gassmask containers, grenades ect.

Also I will bring your attention to a computer game called Iron Front Liberation 1944, it's an ultra realistic game/simulator of WW2, It takes place on the easter fron starting spring 44, the last major offenive into Ukraine and Polen by the Soviets. The game has mulityplayer, it has tanks, halftracks, planes both fighters and bombers, it has artillery, anti tank guns, as well as dozens of dozens of infantry weapons. You can make your own battles, on 4 diffrent maps 2 based on Ukraine and 2 based on Polen, these maps are huge, something like 30x30km, there are lots of villages, forests, towns, rivers, lakes, pastures, roads ect.

You also have Two campaigns, one is russian, the other is something rare, a german campaign, normaly FPS games don't have german campaings, you always play allies, either Soviet or western powers. But here you play as a german, a regular german soldier. you are part of a small rifle squad.
It does show the germans are more human, your leuitenant, is stern, but cares about you, the first thing he tells you is don't be a hero, don't do anything stupid, do your job and most of all don't die.
Quite diffrent from the faceless greycladd enemies you always just gun down in hordes and hordes.

You can hitch up Pak 40s to a truck and bring it with you, you can push the pak 40 a few meters here and there with help ect. It gets very intence, a single hit is often enough to bring you down, Grenades are scary as hell, becasue they have dozens and doznes of frags, they fly through the air when they go off, and can kill from quite a long distance.

Night battles are scary as hell, because you often don't see anything untill the flare goes up, and then the tracers starts flying. Very colorufll but very deadly.

Multiplayer is very fun, you can either fight other player on teams, or all players can be on the same team and do missions. I did one were 8 of us were german pilots and did ground attacks, I had regular guns, but also 20mm cannon, 1 big 250kg bomb, and 4 smaller 100kg bombs, it's quite easy to fly, and you can get really close to the ground,, I did a strafe with my 20mm, and  took out a truck, barely managed to pull but again, almost flew right into a forest.

The game is very new, and there are still LOTS of bugs, I for instance can't play the russian campaign because a bug stops me from going any further, so be warrned.

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