Saturday, May 12, 2012

Swedish Cuirassiers

 So this is my best cav unit ever.
Not that that is saying much, and granted these are simple compeard to hussars ect.
 I really enjoyed painting these, I like cav with guns, probebly because I've always painted napoleonics, and they never used their guns in battle, atleast not as ranged guns, they probebly used their carbines and pistols in the heat of mele combat, but that is allready taken into acount during mele parts of rules ect.
 But it does kinda mean cav is boring, just push them into contact and throw dice. That dosn't mean it's not always exciting, a well done charge can win a game.
 But cav branishing guns while at the trott is a nice sight to see.
 As each infantry unit is 8 strong, I've decided that each cav unit is 6 strong,  Lets me have more smaller units.

 My swedish force so far-

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Monty said...

I really like your cuirassiers. Head to toe in arrmor and a yellow sash that pops!