Friday, May 11, 2012


 After weeks of random painting, I've finished this unit. It looks ok, I still have problems getting the warlord pike and shotte figures to look as good as some of my other figures.

 I have also evloved my face painting, I used to use Foundry expert flesh, fist a coat of flesh a, then flesh wash, then flesh B, and some times a light flesh c.
 Well now I use foundry flesh triad, the normal one, here I simply use A, B and C, with out any wash, I think it gives a more natural look. you can see the resault on the figures to the right --->

Up next is Swedish cuirassiers, since each of my "units" are 8 infantry, I've decided that my cav units should be 6 strong, that means a standard box gives two units.


Phil said...

I think you did a wonderful job painting these guys up...well done sir!

which set of rules are these units based for and who makes the miniatures... warlords?


Gunfreak said...

Jupp, warlord, I'm probebly going to use warlord pike and shotte, while I was not super sold on blackpowerder, the hail caesar rules were great, so I'll give pike and shotte a try. I have orderd them.

If I for some od reason hate the rules, I'll probebly use carnage and glory II