Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marine DM

Hello my childrn, it's been almost two weeks since last I posted, no I'm not dead or if I am dead I havn't noticed.

The problem is I havn't realy painted anything, I got into one of my moods, were I just had to paint more modern, but I didn't have any modern, I had orderd some, but it took longer then expected to get them, so I havn't painted much. I have played lots of computer games tho. I'm gonna make a post about one of them later.

So this is my US Marine Designated Markmen.
He is empress miniature which is odd since americans never had an empress. The miniature is superb, I got a bunch of american infantry, that is going to be a few squads of marines, I also got a few red star russians, one anoying thing is that almost all of the americans and russians needed glueing, arms, heads and weapons ect. I use white would glue, it's strong and works on metal, but take a good 18-24 hours to really harden, that means a good 24 hour were I just have to wait for the glue to harden. Lukely there were a few figures not needing glueing, and this is one of them
 American DMs usualy use M14s, tho 417s have also started to be used, some are stuck with M16s, normaly a M16 is perfectaly good DM weapon, in that it has a range of some 400+ meters, far byond most ranges seen in urban combat. But the 5.56 dosn't pack the punch of the 7.62, the 7.62 can actualy punch through some brick walls, and it always works. Some times the 5.56 dosn't work, if they bullet dosn't get enough speed, the bullet dosn't react like it should. It needs the speed to kill. While the 7.62 is fire and forget, dosn't mater what length the barrel the gun has, you hit, they go down.

This DM has a M14, which is one of my favorite guns of all time, sure not that good at full auto. But even an old M14 can kill a man at 600 meters, a DM version or Sniper Version(like M21 and M25) can take out a man at 800 meters. Really you need a Bolt action like M40 to see a more acurrate 7.62 weapon.

Again thanks to 14th Brooklyn for the techinqe, it works just as well on marpat as ACU.
I did the M14 with green syntetic stock, the vest in brown/tan.


Jay said...

Outstanding cammo, Sir!

Phil said...

Well done, and a nice explanation!