Friday, June 8, 2012

Those forigners

 As Stephen Fry said about The "welshmen" Alan Davis, and here is some forigner.
 The welsh are a funny people, they are funny mostly because when they speak welsh it sounds funny and nobody including them self understand it.
 This is probebly the 10th+ time I've painted the Royal Welch fusiliers, AKA 23rd regiment of foot, but they didn't get thier 23rd untill long into the 18th century.
 I did something diffrent with these, normaly I'm kinda anal when it comes to painting, if I got 6 figures I HAVE to finish all 6 before I go to bed, if I have 8 then 8, if 12 then 12, but this time I decided to just take my time, so these 12 were done at a very slow pace over 2 days.
 It did give me time to do it propper, so there should be little of my normaly sloppy style.
 This has to be one of my all time favorite uniforms, the red with LOTS of blue, Red and blue is a cool combo, but normaly it's either very much blue, little red, or very much red little blue, but with these there is almost as much blue as red. I do think these are my best figures yet. not so much because of my paint job, but more just because the colors just work so well,
 They do take quite a while to paint, which is odd, since there is very little gear on them, you only have bayonet and cartridge pouch, the rest is all uniform, yet it takes along time to paint, The coat is big and so takes along time just becasue there is alot to cover. The muskets are quite big so they need alot of attention to.
Luckely the units are small, just 18 strong.
So I'll paint the last base later tonight or tomorrow, it will have the command.

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Phil said...

Very impressive, don't want to be in front of them!