Sunday, June 3, 2012

That didn't take long

 So it used to be that I did a few random periods, then after a short time, I went back to Napoleonics, now I do some random periods, including Napoleonics, then prety soon I have to paint Ancients.
Right now I had a big package of some 80 hoplites, I've had then for quite a while, but I was in the prosses of doing other periods, but now I couldn't stop my self anymore. These are Tarentine hoplites, I did them very unarmord.
 Aperantly there weren't any broken bottles around back then as these are barefooted. This is my first propper none standardized unit, there are 4 diffrent colors on the clothes, purple, green, blue and white. Only thing they have standard is the dark green plumes.
 When you look at these, you just have to think FABULES!! how any new greeks were every born I don't know, as they all had to be randy assbandits.
 I wached QI and heard a great joke.
An Italian and Greek were arguing about who was best. The greek said, we have the parthement, the italian counters with, we have the coloseum. to which the greek said, we gave brith to advanced mathematics. But we buildt the roman empire, replied the Italian.
Finaly the greek comes up with the clencher, we invented sex. Thats true said the Italian, but we thought up having it with women. Just such a great joke. Anyway I like this unit, very colorfull, I also changed my wood color, I used to use dark brown musket color, but it was just so dark and boring compeard to the FABULES colors of the armor and clothes. So I used the "AK47 wood color" this is basicly the color of the laminated wood on the old AKs, it's very orangy. I did liven up the unit.

I also orderd 40 of each unit, but have deicded to downscale the unit to 30, as the hoplites rearly formed the very deep 16 rank phalanx of the phalangites. That means I'll have 10 left over for each unit, that should save me some money.


Caliban said...

Very nice; the wood colour works very well.

Monty said...

Fab looking unit! And I'd never heard that joke before. I just broke up my wife with it. Thanks for that too!