Saturday, July 7, 2012

Du du du du dudu du du

 Du du du du dudu du du du, duuu duuu ect,
 So some capital ships are here, a aquan battle ship and terrain battleship, while the aquan was rather quick to paint, the tarrain tko A LONG time, probebly jsut as long as 8 28mm figures, the aquan ships is just like their othwers
 The terrain battleship on other hand have lots of details, you have 36 side cannons, 18 on each side, then you have 8 turrets, each demanding some detail, The big turret guns, first got gun metal, then magic metal, then gold, and finnaly silver. So it does take some time. The slightly small guns, get gun metal, magic metal and gold. While the smallest get only gun metal. The front guns get gunmetal, with trim of magic metal and gold on the tip.
 The colors besides the guns, is a mix of green grey, sea grey, grey, and blue

This last picture is just me playing around with photoshop, I havn't used it for months and have forgotten all the little I knew.

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